Conundrum — advanced automation from the leading industrial AI team in the world. The company creates advanced machine learning software for the digital transformation of the metals and mining industry. The mission of the company is to expedite the shift of the metals & mining industry to the border of the physical limit of manufacturing efficiency.

Branding and site development for industrial AI platform Conundrum

motion design
interface design
made on tilda
awards and mentions
user experience
art direction
Naau also created unique 3D animations of the enrichment process. The style and techniques of these illustrations and icons was chosen according to the company field: ore and metals grinding. Pure stone textures, noice effects, low detalisation it is all about mining.
Logosign is based on the principle of the drum mill’s operation. The process of ore enrichment was taken as a logo composition: grinding ore into dust. The sign shows the structure of the data before Conundrum implementation (solid, unfiltered) and after (structured, understandable).
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